That’s it. No need to post anything else today. Can’t top this. 

Either a subtle dig at those that hate math or (more likely) a copy editor that’s right there with them.

Looking for cartoonists and graphic designers

If you’re interested, please email us at!




Like actually though, we usually call our publishing company (Turley Publications) and we’re not sure if we’ll get the same guy as usual because we usually call around 2 - 6 AM.

The Sophian knows the joys of staying up late all too well. Congratulations!

Busy night in Capen Annex

look forward to a new issue of The Sophian popping up near you on Thursday!

We’re Alive!

Thanks to all of our followers who stuck with us through 9 months of inactivity (we may have lost the account info - you didn’t hear it from me)! To all of those who haven’t followed us yet, get on the bandwagon before it gets cool. 

It’s good to be back! 

“You are invited to reflect upon the Flight of the Manatee in the designated Manatee Contemplation Area. It is truly the essence of summer.”
— Quotes from the eDigest. This is why everyone should read the emails they receive from “eDigest eDigest” (via emlynch)

The Sophian editors are interviewing Jane Lynch on Ivy Day. Got questions you’d like to ask her? Submit to us! The interview will be posted on our website,, before Commencement!

The Sophian is excited too! We’re interviewing Jane Lynch when she comes to campus…look for the first part of our interview in the Commencement issue on May 17 and the second part to be posted on our website May 20.